Do Hedgehogs Live in the Wild?

Hedgehogs do live in the wild in Asia, Europe and Africa. Hedgehogs live in hedgerows, desert areas and in urban areas where residents plant gardens where the hedgehogs can eat, hide and build nests.

The animal trade provides the opportunity for hedgehogs to be transported to countries outside of Asia, Africa and Europe. Hedgehogs do not live in the wild in non-native countries, but they can be seen in pet stores, zoos, animal habitats and in private homes as pets.

Hedgehogs hibernate in cold regions and sleep through periods of drought or heat in the desert. In nice climates, the hedgehog stays active year-round. This mammal survives off insects, worms, mice and frogs, making it an ideal pet for a garden. The hedgehog will create a home base but will not fight to protect itself should a larger animal want to take over.