How Do You Find Healthy Mini Cats for Sale?


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When shopping for a miniature cat, ask for a certificate from the breeder to ensure a clean bill of health and proof of immunizations. You may also request a contract from the seller verifying that the cat is healthy.

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To ensure that your mini cat is healthy, purchase it only from a reputable breeder. Genuine miniature cats come from breeding lines for which the breeder controls and manipulates the gene pool with the goal of downsizing. To downsize, breeders select the smallest cats to breed, leading to even smaller cats through genetic mutations.

A reputable breeder limits the amount of litters the female cat is allowed to produce, in order to keep her healthy. The breeder should also keep the resulting kittens healthy and in clean surroundings. A reputable breeder must also prevent inbreeding, as this expands the gene pool which produces the healthier kittens. Inbreeding can result in kittens with deformities and many health issues.

Miniature cats are about one-third to one-half smaller than the typical cat of its breed. Other types of very small cats are dwarf cats, a relatively new breed of cat developed in the 1980s as the result of a genetic mutation. These cats are descended from the munchkin, the founding breed of the short-legged or dwarf cat.

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