How Do You Know What Health Questions to Ask About Your Dog at the Vet?

How Do You Know What Health Questions to Ask About Your Dog at the Vet?

Although the questions vary depending on the situation, PetMD suggests always asking about your dog's weight and general condition. If the dog is diagnosed with an illness, ask about the prognosis and treatment.

Always ask about any unusual behaviors or minor symptoms as well. Some owners assume that some mild symptoms, such as wheezing during exercise, are normal, but they may in fact be treatable. Some behavior problems, such as irritability or fear, can also be signs of pain or other health issues, according to Village Vet.

Preventative care is also important to ask about. Many dogs need flea and tick protection or deworming. Heartworm prevention is also recommended for most dogs. Discuss your dog's lifestyle with your vet, and make sure your dog is current on all necessary vaccinations, suggests PetMD.

You may also want to discuss your dog's exercise plan and diet and then ask your vet whether he has any recommendations. Ask your vet about dental care as well. This should include both professional cleanings and daily care you can provide to help keep your dog's teeth healthy, explains PetMD.

If your pet is prescribed any medications, be sure to ask how and when to give them, as well as whether there are any side effects to watch out for, suggests the American Veterinary Medical Association. If your veterinarian gives you a prescription to fill elsewhere, ask what pharmacies she recommends.