What Is a Hawaiian Gecko?


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A Hawaiian gecko could mean one of the seven gecko species found in the state: Indo-Pacific or fox gecko, mourning gecko, stump-toed gecko, tree gecko, common house gecko, gold-dust day gecko and orange-spotted day gecko. The first four species were present when Captain Cook reached Hawaii in 1778.

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Geckos are lizards of the infraorder Gekkota. They are often kept in houses in tropical regions for insect control. Geckos probably arrived on the Hawaiian Islands as stowaways on Polynesian canoes, although it's possible that some may have colonized the islands naturally by arriving on floating logs, rafts or debris. The common house gecko was introduced to the islands in the 1940s, and the gold-dust day gecko was introduced in the 1970s. The orange-spotted day gecko arrived in Hawaii in the 1980s.

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