What Is a Harp Seal's Niche?

harp-seal-s-niche Credit: CORDIER Sylvain / hemis.fr/hemis.fr/Getty Images

A harp seal's niche is in the icy waters of the Arctic and North Atlantic Oceans. Harp seals breed in Newfoundland and in the Greenland and White Seas, according to National Geographic. Man is a harp seal's most dangerous predator.

Harp seals are born with no protective blubber, but their thick, wooly and brilliant white coat absorbs sunlight, which heats the pup's body. Harp seals are sleek swimmers and prefer the water, but when on land they propel themselves by pulling with their front flippers. They can dive up to 1,200 feet and stay under water for approximately 16 minutes. When grown, harp seals often reach 6 feet and weigh 300 pounds.