What Happens When a Dog Licks a Toad?


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In Queensland, Australia, dogs have been licking poisonous, sweaty secretions from the backs of cane toads, resulting in copious drool, tremors, retching and even death. In 2014, the Huffington Post reported a similar case of poisoning in Florida.

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What Happens When a Dog Licks a Toad?
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Veterinarians speculate that canines may develop a taste for the poison with effects that are similar to a narcotic "high." One member of the University of Queensland's School of Veterinary Science who has treated the same dog several times in the course of a year for toad poisoning states that it is impossible to determine if a dog is intoxicated. Owners who suspect that their canine is poisoned should rinse the dog's mouth with water and contact a veterinarian.

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