What Happens If My Cat Gets Stuck to a Glue Mousetrap?


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If a cat gets stuck to a glue mousetrap, she is likely to lose fur or skin in the process of freeing herself from the glue trap. Veterinary assistance may be required to disengage the cat from the glue board. Surgical removal of the glue trap may be necessary.

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Glue mousetraps are inexpensive, popular options for eliminating rodents, insects and snakes. Any small animal that comes in contact with the glue trap adheres to the glue and is unable to escape. Larger animals, such as cats, may be able to free themselves from the traps, but the process is lengthy and exhausting and often leaves the animal injured. The Humane Society of the United States considers glue mousetraps to be inhumane, because the trapped animals die slowly of exhaustion, dehydration, starvation or suffocation.

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