How Do You Handle Being a Vampire in Oblivion?


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When playing a vampire character in the "Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" game, there are certain behaviors that need to be followed for survival. As a vampire, the player character gains a sensitivity to fire, increasing the damage received from fire-based attacks, and sustains continuous damage when walking under sunlight. The degree of vampirism that a character can suffer from also differs depending on how often he consumes human blood.

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A player character in "Oblivion" can become a vampire when he has suffered from the disease Porphyric Hemophilia for three in-game days. After sleeping for at least one hour, the character becomes a vampire, gaining several weaknesses as well as boosts to stats and in-game benefits.

A vampire character acquires the ability to see in complete darkness, enhanced protection against normal weapons, enhanced speed and swordplay abilities. The character also receives some boosts to the destruction, mysticism and illusion categories of magical skills. The intensities of boosts and weaknesses increase the higher the degree of infection is.

In "Oblivion," there are four transformation tiers in vampirism, each changing the player character's appearance more drastically. The degree of infection increases the longer a vampire goes without feeding on the blood of human characters in-game.

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