How Do You Hand-Rear a Ringneck Parrot?


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Hand-rearing a ringneck parrot requires an incubator or a brooder, a thermometer, a feeding device, a formula mixed with water and unbleached paper towels. The formula should be heated between 105 to 108 degrees Fahrenheit, while the incubator should be kept humid and warm. Kellie Stewart, a breeder, recommends feeding birds 10 to 12 percent of their own body weight per feed. Infants must be fed every two hours.

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Hand-rearing baby birds is a delicate and time-consuming process, which is why IndianRingneck.com recommends contacting a breeder or veterinarian or fostering the baby to a female instead. However, if these options are not available and a baby bird is less than a day old, breeders can start feeding it on their own, but not sooner than six hours after birth. The first feed should be an unflavored electrolyte solution in the form of a few drops placed to the left of the baby's mouth to encourage it to eat. Not all chicks initially understand how to feed from a syringe or pipette, so it may take a few repeated attempts before it learns. As the chick grows older, the ratio of formula to water should be gradually increased. It is crucial to keep the chick warm. To avoid overfeeding, breeders should wait for the crop to empty before feeding the chick more. All feeding equipment should be kept clean to prevent the growth of bacteria.

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