Where Do Hamsters Live?

hamsters-live Credit: Pyza / Puchikumo/Moment/Getty Images

There are different species of hamsters that originate from different parts of the world. Hamsters usually live in burrows that they build themselves. A hamster cage has to be comfortable, dry and located away from noise, bright lights and high-frequency sounds caused by computers and other appliances.

The Syrian hamster comes from the Middle East deserts, where the climate is arid and hot. Campbell's hamsters are from unpopulated areas in Mongolia. The Siberians, or Winter Whites, originate further north, where extremely cold temperatures are the norm. The Roborovski, also known as the Russian hamster, comes from the southern part of Russia, where the land is sandy and flat. Chinese hamsters are used to living in populated areas and a warm eastern climate. The burrows of different species of hamsters vary depending on the climate and geology of their habitat.