What Are Hamster Supplies?


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Hamster supplies are items that hamster owners need to ensure the health, safety and overall well-being of these pets. Hamsters are low-maintenance pets that do not require a lot of supplies. They need a spacious living area and items for feeding and drinking. Hamsters love to chew, wander, hide, dig and run, so their homes should also include items that allow them to perform these activities.

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Since hamsters like to wander, they are happiest in spacious environments. It is best to select an aquarium or cage that is large in size. Cages provide better ventilation than aquariums, but it is much easier for a hamster to escape from a cage because of their ability to squeeze themselves through small spaces. Owners who prefer cages should choose one with very small gaps that a hamster can't squeeze through. A small water bottle and feeding dish can be placed in any corner of the hamster's home. Pellet food for hamsters is nutritious and caters to their desire to chew.

Exercise is very important for a hamster's health, and hamsters love being active. Placing multi-level platforms, running tunnels and hamster wheels inside cages or aquariums encourages the hamster to run around and play. Hamsters also love to have a cozy area to rest. Saturate the bottom of the cage with hamster bedding, which can be purchased at most pet supply stores. In addition to sleeping on top of the bedding, they also dig and hide underneath it.

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