What Do Hammerhead Sharks Eat?


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Hammerhead sharks are carnivorous and eat a variety of fish, although stingrays are the preferred prey. Hammerhead sharks take advantage of their wide, flat heads to pin down stingrays and other bottom dwelling fish before delivering a fatal bite. Fisherman have caught hammerheads that have reportedly had numerous stingray barbs in their flesh, evidence that the hammerhead hunts stingrays consistently.

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What Do Hammerhead Sharks Eat?
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Hammerhead sharks will also eat crabs, squid, shrimp and schooling fish. These sharks may be seen in summer swimming in a large school, but the assumption that hammerhead sharks are feeding often causes misguided fear. When the water warms, hammerheads migrate out to cooler waters, where they hunt out small fish, small sharks and stingrays.

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