What Are Some Facts About Hammerhead Sharks?


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Hammerhead sharks get their name because of the hammerhead shape of their faces. These creatures roam much of the world's ocean space outside of the polar regions. They grow to be between 13 and 20 feet long and weigh between 500 and 1000 pounds.

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What Are Some Facts About Hammerhead Sharks?
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There are at least nine different species of hammerhead sharks. The largest is the great hammerhead. The shape of a hammerhead shark's head gives the creature a wide scope of vision when it searches for food. The head also possesses sensory organs that detect electrical fields created by creatures burrowed in the ocean floor. The hammerhead digs out stingray and other prey from the sand upon detection. Although humans are not normally on a shark's menu, there have been a few attacks by hammerhead sharks on surfers and swimmers.

An interesting feature of this creature is that it gives birth to live young, similar to the case of mammals. Most fish and other cold-blooded creatures lay eggs. A female hammerhead may give birth to between six and 50 young at a time. The mother leaves the young to their own devices after birth. Although the hammerhead is generally antisocial and often hunts alone, it sometimes migrates in groups.

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