How Do You Get a Hairless Cat for Adoption?

How Do You Get a Hairless Cat for Adoption?

A hairless cat, also known as a Sphynx cat, didn't come from an ancient Egyptian tomb, but rather from a Canadian domestic breeder in the 1960s. When purchased from a breeder, hairless cats demand anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500. Avoid paying astronomical breeder fees by getting a hairless cat through breed-specific adoption services, animal shelters or private sellers.

  1. Check local animal shelters

    Visit your local animal shelter to view the cats that are available. If the shelter doesn't have any hairless cats, leave your phone number, and ask to be contacted when one arrives for adoption.

  2. Review local pet classified ads

    Online and offline pet classified ads often list exotic pets not typically found in animal shelters. Although adoption fees through private sellers are generally higher than animal shelter fees, private sellers of Sphynx cats often have detailed information about the pet that's useful to owners, including information about the cat's parents and bloodline.

  3. Contact specialty cat adoption organizations

    Organizations such as Purebred Cat Rescue specialize in exotic cat breeds. While rare cat breeds are readily available, adoption fees are typically higher than animal shelters. For example, Purebred Cat Rescue charges $125 to $150 for a hairless cat. Be prepared to travel, as specialty adoption centers are not as widespread as traditional animal shelters.