What Are Some Hair Ball Remedies?


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Remedies for hairballs include regular grooming, diet, use of oils in food and use of commercial hairball remedies, according to Webvet. Hairballs are common in cats and are usually eliminated by the cat vomiting, or passing them in their stool.

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Hairballs are caused by cats swallowing loose hair while grooming. Pet owners have several options to help reduce hairballs. Regular brushing removes loose hair. Feeding a diet that contains beet pulp, carbohydrate blends and a fruit and vegetable extract not only helps move hair through the digestive tract but also improve absorption of nutrients.

Adding fiber by mixing small amounts of asparagus or canned pumpkin, oat grass, butter or olive oil into food or using a commercial hairball remedy will also help hair elimination. It is also important to guard against cats eating string or thread, which can get wrapped up with hair and make it more difficult to eliminate.

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