What Are Some Guinea Pig Games?


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Guinea pig names can vary from human names, such as Abner or Bea, to more pet-like names, such as Cookie or Frisky. Pet owners sometimes name their guinea pigs after their favorite places, such as Fiji, or after a favorite celebrity, such as Irwin. Since guinea pigs are social creatures, it is common to adopt two and name them after things that go together, such as Salt and Pepper.

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Like other pets, guinea pigs often demonstrate certain qualities or personality quirks that assist their owners in the naming process. The name Piggy might be given to a voracious eater. Guinea pig owners also name their pets based on their size, shape and color. Owners may choose names from famous guinea pigs in the media, such as Curly or Darwin from the film "G-Force." Pet owners may also select a name like Laser or Half & Half based on a favorite hobby, food or interest. Guinea pig names are commonly based on previous pets the owner has known or owned.

Although guinea pigs are unable to understand their names, the pets do recognize vocal tone and sounds that are repeatedly directed at them. Over time, a guinea pig turns towards his owner when he hears his name being used.

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