What Are the Guidelines for Purchasing a Super Micro Mini Pig As a Pet?


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The guidelines for purchasing any size of pet pig vary depending on the location of the owner and the requirements of the rescue or breeder selling the pig. The designations "micro," "mini" and "teacup" are used by some deceptive breeders to describe very young, inbred or purposely malnourished potbellied piglets. These labels falsely imply that the pigs stay small into adulthood, but healthy, full-grown potbellied pigs should weigh 50 to 200 pounds.

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There are few legal guidelines regarding the purchase of pet pigs, excluding requirements set by individual rescues and responsible breeders to ensure their pigs go to educated homes. However, numerous online resources can help potential owners determine what they need to house and care for a potbellied pig. Most counties classify all pigs as livestock, so they cannot be kept in many residential areas. For this reason, two of the common issues pig owners face are zoning restrictions and finding a knowledgeable veterinarian, according to The Pig Placement Network.

Pigs need enough indoor and outdoor space to accommodate their adult size. Many owners are deceived into buying regular pigs that are born small, so thousands of them are surrendered to shelters and rescues once they grow to a healthy size. The Pig Placement Network is one of many pig rescues that take in and adopt out homeless pigs. Those who wish to use a breeder instead of a rescue should visit PotbellyPigOfMyHeart.com to find a reputable breeder who treats their pigs well.

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