What Are Some Grooming Instructions for Poodles?


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To groom a poodle, brush out the poodle's fur, starting from the neck to the tail. For removal of small tangles and mats, use a sticker brush. Thick mats and tangles should be removed with scissors once discovered, since they can cause discomfort for the poodle.

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Before trimming the poodle's fur, bathe the dog in ankle-deep water to prevent scissors from getting oily and dirty, which can result in dull blades. Unless the poodle gets dirty often, it's recommended to bathe the dog once every three months.

Narrow down the styles and cuts commonly used on poodles. Common cuts for poodles include the Puppy Clip, the Continental Clip and the Bikini Clip. To assess what would be the best cut, consult a professional groomer.

Invest in quality blades and scissors for the best results, and trim the dog's face from the front, going upward to right below the brow. To trim the feet, shave between the foot pads and on the poodle's feet until reaching the ankle.

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