How Do You Groom a Schnauzer?

How Do You Groom a Schnauzer?

Grooming a schnauzer primarily consists of clipping the fur, so first brush out the fur, and clip it according to a typical schnauzer pattern. Trim out long ear hairs, clip the nails, and brush the dog's teeth to finish the grooming process.

  1. Brush out the fur

    Use a pin brush to thoroughly brush the schnauzer's fur, making sure to remove all mats and tangles.

  2. Clip the head

    Use a #10 blade attachment. Start just above the eyebrows, and run the clipper back toward the neck. Clip all the hair between the ears. Hold one ear out of the way, and clip between the eyebrow and the ear and then along the cheek. Repeat on the other side. Hold the beard, and clip from the cheek to the side of the neck and the throat.

  3. Trim the eyebrows and beard

    Comb the eyebrows straight down, and cut at an angle toward the outside corner of each eye. Cut the long portion to the middle of the dog's muzzle. Cut off straggly beard hairs.

  4. Clip the body

    Working from the neck to tail, and clip the top of the body with a #10 clipper attachment. Repeat from the throat to chest. Run the clipper from the top to a point even with the elbows all the way around the dog's body, leaving a long skirt of hair underneath.

  5. Groom the back

    Run the clippers with the hair grain along the tail. Clip from the outside in for the dog's rear. If desired, clip the area between the naval and genitals to tidy the belly hair.

  6. Wash the dog

    Run warm water over the schnauzer to remove hair clippings. Shampoo the dog using dog soap, and rinse the dog until the water runs clear. Blow-dry the legs to make the fur fluffy. Brush the fur while blow drying.

  7. Trim the leg hair

    Trim the feet so that the fur makes a circle. Comb the leg fur out, and use scissors to trim the hair into a cylindrical shape.

  8. Finish the grooming

    Trim out long hairs from the ears, Use nail trimmers to clip the dog's nails and a dog toothbrush to brush the teeth.