How Do You Groom an Orange Maine Coon Cat?

How Do You Groom an Orange Maine Coon Cat?

How Do You Groom an Orange Maine Coon Cat?

Although Maine coons have long fur and a double coat, taking care of their grooming needs is largely an issue of regular maintenance. Adopting a regular routine that includes washing and brushing the cat's hair not only keeps a Maine coon's coat in great condition, but it also allows for better bonding between the owner and the cat.

  1. Brush the Maine coon's hair weekly

    Find a brush that is comfortable for the cat. When brushing, do so gently, making sure to avoid tugging on any matted fur. Hold the mat near the skin's surface so that less area is exposed to pulling.

  2. Consult a professional groomer if the fur is too matted

    Sometimes matted fur cannot be untangled without inflicting great pain to the cat, even with regular bathing and shampooing. In such cases, consult a professional groomer, and inquire about cutting the cat's hair.

  3. Bathe the Maine coon

    Warm a tub of water to room temperature. Bring the cat into the bathroom, and slowly introduce it to the water. Rub some cat shampoo into the coat, mixing it with water. The Maine coon's coat is thick and resists water, so extra effort is required. After shampooing, thoroughly rinse and gently brush the coat.