How Do You Groom a Maltese?

One of the charms of the Maltese breed is its long, beautiful coat. The Maltese does not require regular clipping, but does need to be groomed daily to keep its coat in good condition. Some pet owners opt to have the Maltese clipped down in a short puppy coat, but even a clipped Maltese needs to be brushed daily and bathed frequently.

  1. Brush the dog daily

    Never brush the Maltese's coat when it is dry. Wet it down with water mixed with conditioner or a little bit of specially formulated oil. Brush and comb the coat down to the skin, removing all tangles and mats. Clean around the eyes with a soft cloth. If the dog has a lot of tear-staining around the eyes, apply a tear-stain remover daily while cleaning that area.

  2. Bathe the dog weekly

    The Maltese needs to be bathed weekly. Use a shampoo intended for white dogs. Follow with a conditioner or cream rinse. Blow dry the dog's coat, smoothing with a brush while doing so.

  3. Trim the dog weekly

    Trim the dog's toenails weekly. Also use blunt-tipped scissors to trim the hair around the feet each week. Make sure to also trim around the genitals for cleanliness.