How Do You Groom a Horse?

How Do You Groom a Horse?

To groom a horse, clean its coat, comb the mane and tail, clean the hooves, and wipe the horse with a towel. You need are a rubber curry comb, a dandy brush, a body brush, a comb, a towel and a hoof pick.

  1. Loosen dirt with a curry comb

    Swirl a curry comb over the horse's neck and body with light circular strokes.

  2. Smooth the coat

    Use a dandy brush to flick the loosened dirt up and away from the horse, and then smooth the coat with a soft body brush.

  3. Comb the mane and tail

    Detangle the mane and tail with a wide-toothed comb. Start at the bottom of the mane, work up to the neck, and then comb the tail with the same technique. Work slowly and gently to avoid ripping the hair.

  4. Clean the hooves

    Run a hand down one of the front legs, and pull the foot up. Hold the hoof pick in your fist with the sharp end down and pointed away from you. Use a scooping motion to remove foreign matter from the hoof, and then gently lower the foot. Repeat with the remaining hooves.

  5. Shine the coat

    Lay a clean, soft towel over the horse, and wipe it over the coat. Follow the direction of hair growth.