How Do You Groom a Cat?

How Do You Groom a Cat?

To groom a cat, brush it, put several inches of water in a bathtub, put the cat in the tub, pour water over the cat, shampoo and rinse and dry the cat. This 30-minute process requires a bathtub, a bath mat, water, a pitcher, cat shampoo and towels.

  1. Brush the cat

    Brush the cat to remove dirt, debris and matted hair.

  2. Prepare the tub

    Fill a bathtub with 4 inches of tepid water, and place a textured bath mat on the tub floor. Fill a plastic pitcher with tepid water, and place it near the tub.

  3. Put the cat in the tub

    Set the cat in the tub, and pour the pitcher of water over its head, neck and back.

  4. Shampoo the cat

    Dispense a small amount of pet shampoo on the head of the cat, and massage it in with your fingers. Work the lather down to the neck and back, adding more shampoo if necessary. Rub the shampoo over the tail, legs, belly and chest. Do not wash the face.

  5. Rinse the cat

    Fill the pitcher with lukewarm water, and pour it over the cat. Repeat until all of the shampoo rinses out.

  6. Dry the cat

    Pick up the cat, and wrap it in a towel. Massage until dry.