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The green terror is a beautifully colored freshwater fish and a member of the cichlid family. Its body is a greenish-white color, and it has electric-blue spots in its chin area. It should be kept in at least a 50-gallon tank that has a sandy bottom as well as rocks that provide hiding spaces. The green terror's natural habitat is the warm waters of Peru and Ecuador.

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The green terror tends to be fairly aggressive with other fish and becomes more territorial as it matures. Male green terrors grow to be around 8 inches in length, while females are usually 6 inches or less. The largest male green terrors can be 12 inches long. The green terror is omnivorous and eats most frozen and prepared foods, including tubifex, freeze-dried bloodworms and ocean plankton in addition to cichlid pellets and flake food. Green terrors readily mate, and the female has the larger role in raising the young. If the young are removed from the tank, the green terrors tend to spawn approximately every 2 weeks, and the female lays the eggs on a flat, cleaned rock. The water in the aquarium should be a warm 72 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with a pH between 6.5 and 8.0.

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