What Are Some Facts About Green Sea Turtles?

green-sea-turtles Credit: Westend61 - Gerald Nowak/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

A Green Turtle is an endangered, herbivore reptile. It can be found in tropical and sub tropical habitats. Its name derives from the green color of its skin and not the color of its shell, which is usually brown or olive. On average, it lives to be over 80 years old in the wild. Also, it can grow up to 5 feet long and weigh up to 700 pounds.

Like other sea turtles, the Green Turtle cannot retract its head into its shell. It often goes on land to absorb the sun's heat.

Although scientists are not in agreement on whether the Green Turtle is divided into two subspecies or separate species, the names of the species are the Atlantic Green Turtle and the Eastern Pacific Green Turtle. The first one is found off the shore of North America and Europe, while the second is found all the way from Alaska in the north to Chile in the south.

Adult Green Turtles mostly feed on algae and sea grasses, but when young, they also eat jellyfish, sponge and crabs.

Green Turtles migrate long distances from feeding grounds to mating sites. Mating usually occurs on sandy beaches in shallow waters close to the shore every 2 to 4 years and females lay up to 200 eggs.