What Are Some Green Iguana Facts?


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Green iguanas live mostly in forested regions, spending most of their time up in the higher parts of tree canopies, where they bask and eat leaves and fruits. They also prefer to live near bodies of water and are able swimmers ready to go to the water to escape predators. They are relatively large lizards common to the Caribbean and introduced to Florida and Hawaii.

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Green iguanas are rather varied in color, although their coloration grows more uniform with age. Their color varies throughout the day, with darker coloration in the morning to absorb more heat, growing paler as the day continues to protect against overheating. Their average weight is around 15 pounds and their average length is around 6 feet, including their long, tapering tails. They possess a loosely-hanging flap of skin, known as a dewlap, on their necks. They also have a crest of dermal spines extending from the mid-neck to the base of the tail.

Food is generally plentiful for green iguanas in their natural environments, but conflicts do arise over good basking sites. Conflict between iguanas in the wild is generally harmless, as outmatched lizards can easily flee. Similar conflicts arise between males during the breeding season, and between females over breeding sites.

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