What Do Green Anoles Eat?


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Green anoles primarily eat insects, but they attempt to eat any animal smaller than their heads, along with occasional grains and seeds. Other animal prey includes other arthropods such as spiders and molluscs. Their most common method of hunting is simply watching prey until it comes within striking distance.

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Green anoles are opportunistic hunters, and they have more than one method of capturing prey. When they are patrolling territory, they often leap at prey they come across. They also use stealth to ambush larger prey items. Despite their name, they come in shades of brown and green as well as gray. They are capable of changing their colors in response to their environment, which aids them in both hunting and evading predators.

Green anoles are prey to a wide range of animals. Their most common predators are snakes and birds, but they also fall prey to curly tailed lizards, cats, dogs and frogs. They hide and climb trees to avoid predators. They have adhesive pads on their feet to allow them to easily move on vertical surfaces. They also have structures that enable them to glide down from tall trees when necessary. They are capable of dropping their tails to distract predators as well.

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