How Does the Great White Shark Evade Predators?

great-white-shark-evade-predators Credit: Dave Fleetham/Design Pics/Perspectives/Getty Images

The great white shark does not have many predators in the ocean because it is at the top of its food chain; however, it is equipped with many tools to fight off threats, including powerful jaws, sharp teeth and strong eyesight with eyes that can be rolled back into the socket. The great white shark is also a strong swimmer that can swim as far as 15 miles per hour.

The shark is rarely harmed by animals other than humans or other sharks. On occasion, dolphins have attacked sharks but usually only in an attempt to protect other animals, such as humans. The great white shark is considered to be the largest predatory fish on Earth, according to National Geographic.

The great white shark, on the other hand, attacks many different animal species in the ocean, including seals, sea lions, sea turtles, carrion and small-toothed whales. They are often successful in their hunts for prey due to their sharp serrated teeth and their sense of smell that can make it easy to find prey. In fact, the great white shark can actually smell blood up to 3 miles away regardless of the amount of blood. They also are able to use their strong eyesight to find prey and their powerful jaws to dismember their prey.