What Are Some Great Low Light Aquarium Plants?

What Are Some Great Low Light Aquarium Plants?

Plants that grow well inside low-light aquariums, such as those with only a single strip of fluorescent lighting, include java moss, java ferns, anubias and Christmas moss. Even low-light plants require about 12 hours a day of light; they simply require a lower wattage than other plants.

Java moss attaches well to rock or wood; it even grows well when placed between rocks or into crevices. It is a low-maintenance choice for the bottom of an aquarium and provides shelter for baby fish.

Java ferns also prefer to be attached to rock or wood but can also grow partly submersed. Cuttings can be taken from healthy rhizomes using a razor blade and cutting at a 45-degree angle; these plants typically grow to a height of 8 inches.

Different varieties of anubias work well as foreground or background planting in an aquarium. They root well in gravel as well as attached to slate and sometimes even flower inside the aquarium. Sufficient light is needed to prevent algae from growing on anubias.

Also known as Amano moss, Christmas moss has fronts shaped like a Christmas tree. It attaches well to rocks and wood, but it also roots itself if just left on the bottom of the aquarium. Christmas moss is a good choice for aquariums with cold water.