Do Great Danes Drool?

great-danes-drool Credit: Olof Hedtjarn/Johner Images/Getty Images

Great Danes are a giant breed of dog known for their excessive drooling. The Great Dane's facial structure, with its loose, floppy lips and square jaw, makes it difficult for drool to be contained in the mouth. Some Great Danes with tighter facial features may not drool as much.

The Great Dane's tendency to drool is at its worst just after eating and drinking. A simple head shake can cause long strings of drool to travel several feet in all directions.

Some owners of notorious drooling breeds are selectively breeding dogs for a tighter facial structure that minimizes drooling. Most Great Dane breeders, however, don't intend to change their breeding practices. The AKC Great Dane breed standard calls for a rectangular shape for the head. Tightening the lips may lead to a sharper, less squared-off chin.