How Is Great Dane Ear Cropping Done?


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Cropping the ears of a Great Dane is a surgical procedure carried out by a veterinarian. The act of cropping a dog's ears has become controversial in modern times because there is no actual medical, physical, or environmental need for a dog to undergo the procedure. In some countries, cropping is illegal. However, some owners state that cropping the ears helps prevent ear infections, according to petMD.

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To crop the ears of a Great Dane, a veterinarian places the dog under general anesthesia. The veterinarian then removes more than half of the dog's ear in order to make them stand erect. After cutting, the ears are taped with medical tape or held in place with foam molds. The stitches are removed in eight to 10 days depending on the state of the healing process.

The ears are taped upright after the stitches are removed so they heal in an erect position. It is the owner's responsibility to clean and re-tape the dog's ears. The healing process can take about six months depending on the age and health of the Great Dane. It is important for owners to watch their veterinarian tape the dog's ears and ask questions about the process after the procedure.

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