What Are Some Facts About the Gray Squirrel?


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The gray squirrel is most commonly found in North America but has spread into countries in Europe as well. This squirrel is attracted to areas with a high population of oak and walnut trees, which are needed for feeding and to store food for the winter.

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What Are Some Facts About the Gray Squirrel?
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Gray squirrels have a hierarchical social system in the area where they live. The older males are dominant, and the females defend the den or the nest. This is a medium-sized tree squirrel, and it can range from light to dark gray. It may even have brown tones in the coat. An adult has 22 teeth in its mouth.

There are two mating seasons, and males may travel more than a quarter of a mile to find a female. There are anal glands that release a scent alerting the males that a female is ready to mate. The female can bear a litter twice a year, and they can have anywhere from two to eight young per litter. The gestation period lasts for 44 days.

Gray squirrels primarily communicate by making vocal sounds to each other for purposes of mating, warning other squirrels and warning predators. The squirrel may also stomp its feet or hit its tail on the ground to get attention.

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