What Are Some Facts on Gray Pitbull Puppies?


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Gray pitbull puppies are not a separate breed from other pitbulls. Pitbulls have various colors of coats, which also include red, brown, black and white, or brindle. Although pitbulls have developed a reputation as mean dogs, they are a safe addition to a family as long as they have proper training.

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Pitbulls were originally bred for dogfights and have an aggressive nature toward other animals. The owners of fighting dogs wanted the ability to enter the pit and separate the dogs without being bitten, so they selected dogs with a more gentle disposition toward humans. When the breed emigrated to America with their owners, dogs found work on farms and quickly became the family pet. Unfortunately, pitbulls and pitbull mixes accounted for 20 percent of the dogs in shelters in 2014.

Pitbull puppies grow to a height of 17 to 19 inches. Weight ranges for adults between 35 and 80 pounds. As puppies, pitbulls need plenty of opportunities for socialization in order to reduce the chance of aggression as adults.

Several genetic health conditions affect pitbulls. They often suffer hip dysplasia, a painful condition affecting the ball and socket joint. Some pit bulls suffer allergies to environmental elements or food, putting them at risk for secondary infections. Heart disease, including a heart murmur, sometimes leads to premature death in pitbulls.

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