What Are Grasshoppers' Natural Predators?


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The most common predators of grasshoppers are flies. Flies place their eggs near grasshopper eggs so that when the fly eggs hatch they can feed on grasshopper eggs. In some cases, the fly larvae even feed directly on the adult grasshopper.

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Even though birds, snakes, mice and spiders are among the common predators of the grasshopper, the most common predators are the large variety of flies that use the nutrition found in grasshopper eggs as the primary food source for their newly hatched young. Flies typically locate the nest of a grasshopper and begin to prepare a food source for their young. Depending on the fly variety, the fly may choose to actually place eggs directly on the grasshopper. This results in the grasshopper's death when the fly larvae begin to feed.

Grasshoppers have developed a few defenses against their predators. One of the most common defenses is the grasshopper's ability to expel what is commonly referred to as "tobacco juice." This sticky brown liquid is considered to be a deterrent against predators. Along with this liquid, the grasshopper is often able to use its quick reaction speed and long distance span as means to bolt far away into tall grass.

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