What Is a Grasshopper's Digestive System?

The grasshopper's digestive system is the system of organs and glands responsible for breaking down food for use by the body. It consists of the foregut, or stomodaeum; the midgut, or mesenteron; and the hindgut, or proctodaeum.

The foregut includes the mouth, where the mechanical breakdown of food begins; the esophagus, a connective passage; the crop, a food storage area; the proventriculus, or gizzard, which continues shredding the food; and the gastric caeca, projections of the stomach that provide more surface area for digestion. The midgut includes the stomach, where food is mixed with digestive enzymes, and the Malpighian tubules, which pass excrement to the intestines. The hindgut includes the intestine, where digestion is completed and nourishment is absorbed; the rectum, which holds waste products; and the anus, where waste is expelled.