Are Grapes Poisonous to Dogs?


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Many studies have linked the consumption of grapes with severe health issues in dogs. Many dogs who have eaten grapes or raisins have been seen to develop kidney failure and related issues.

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The exact cause for the health issues related to dogs and grapes remains unclear. Some dogs are able to eat grapes and other fruits without experiencing any issues or illness. However, others have developed major health issues after eating a small amount of the fruit. In order to guarantee the overall health and safety of a dog, the ASPCA recommends keeping grapes and raisins away from dogs at all times.

There are many other human foods that are not safe for canine consumption. One of the most well-known foods is chocolate. Every type of chocolate contains a chemical that causes dogs to experience severe vomiting and diarrhea. If consumed in a large amount, it can also lead to seizures, heart issues and even the death of the dog. Other fruits that dogs should not eat are peaches and plums. These fruits contain large, solid cores that dogs are unable to eat properly. In some cases, dogs can damage their teeth trying to chew the pits. In others, the dogs end up swallowing the pits and choke on them.

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