Do Gorillas Have Any Predators?

Gorillas don’t have natural predators, but their enemies include wild cats, crocodiles and humans. They sometimes run into leopards mainly because animal habitats are becoming smaller.

Leopards are audacious creatures when it comes to finding prey, although they often don’t win against strong gorillas. However, they sometimes capture sick gorillas that are too weak to fight and young gorillas that have been separated from their mothers. In lowland regions like swamps, gorillas occasionally encounter problems with crocodiles. Crocodiles can inflict heavy injuries that make it hard for gorillas to recover. Although not common, crocodiles can sometimes defeat and kill a weak gorilla.

Human beings kill large numbers of gorillas for meat. Some gorillas also get captured by nets and traps that people prepare for other animals, and some people hunt big gorillas for fun even though the activity is considered illegal in most places. Hunters sometimes slaughter groups of gorillas to catch the young. They usually sell the small ones to zoos and research labs that experiment on gorillas.

In every troop of gorillas, the dominant male has the responsibility to protect the entire troop. He aggressively protects the group and puts his life on the line. Other males also fight when necessary, whereas the females stay close to the young. Gorillas create weapons by sharpening sticks using their teeth to increase their chances of survival.