How Do You Find a Good Veterinarian for a Cat?


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To find a good veterinarian for your cat, start by asking friends or family members for recommendations, as suggested by Pan Johnson-Bennet. The American Association of Feline Practitioners also maintains a directory of cat-friendly clinics to use for finding veterinarians.

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Only ask friends who take good care of their pets, as Pam Johnson-Bennet suggests, and make sure to ask them why they recommend a certain veterinarian. Once you have some suggestions, look into the actual clinic, and think about what kind of practice you prefer. Consider factors such as location, hours and size. If there are any associated services that are important to you, such as a boarding facility or mobile services, take them into account.

Consider scheduling a preliminary appointment before your cat actually needs an exam, as Pam Johnson-Bennet advises. Take a few minutes to talk to the veterinarian to make sure you like her personality. Take into account the overall atmosphere of the clinic to make sure you feel comfortable, and ask about fees to ensure that the clinic fits your budget.

Ask about the veterinarian's emergency policies, as the Humane Society of the United States recommends. Many veterinary offices close at certain times, and they may not be able to schedule emergency visits in a timely manner. In those cases, you may need to take your cat to an emergency animal hospital.

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