What Are Some Good Treats for Chickens?

Good treats for chickens include scrambled eggs, pumpkins, bananas without the peel, mealworms and Flock Block. A rule of thumb when giving treats to chickens, mealworms and Flock Block excluded, is if humans shouldn’t eat it, neither should chickens.

Scrambled eggs provide protein and vitamins E and A. When chickens produce feathers or eggs, their protein requirements increase. Eggs are an easy way to supplement. Pumpkins contain antioxidants, fiber and protein found in the seeds.The seeds provide nutrition, and chickens enjoy them. Mealworms are another good source of protein. They can be purchased dried or live.

Bananas provide chickens with potassium. Some breeds of chickens prefer them more than others. Flock Block is a specially formulated commercial treat for chickens made by Purina and found in feed stores. It is a grain-enhanced supplement that contains oyster shells and grit, and it provides optimum nutrition. Flock Block also satisfies a chicken's natural instinct to peck.