What Are Some Good Tips to Give Children Caring for Rabbits?


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Children should remember that rabbits are easily frightened and have delicate bodies, according to the House Rabbit Society. Generally, they are best suited for kids who are patient, mature and careful with their pets.

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House rabbits are not the easiest of pets for small children, so parents should make sure that their kids can handle these fragile pets with care. Rabbits make fun pets to watch and can be litter-trained so they are relatively free to roam the household. However, they have loose skin and can be hurt when picked up the wrong way. Rabbits, unless handled since birth, may not like being picked up either, which means they scream, get frightened, bite or kick.

Be sure to give the rabbit time outside of its cage to play, hop around or just be social. Rabbits need to exercise their energy and also require some chew toys, as they will chew furniture. Cardboard and old telephone books make excellent chew toys. The rabbit should have a digging box to play inside which is filled halfway with dirt or shredded paper, according to the ASPCA.

The bigger the rabbit's cage, the better, but a minimum should be between 3 to 4 feet in length. Use a solid-bottom cage as opposed to a wire cage which can tear up their feet.

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