What Are Good Things to Know Before Rescuing Saint Bernard Puppies?


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One of the biggest things to be prepared for is the amount of grooming and training an adult Saint Bernard requires. Many people get small puppies and do not prepare and then have a very strong, powerful and out-of-control dog when the puppy grows up.

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What Are Good Things to Know Before Rescuing Saint Bernard Puppies?
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People who adopt Saint Bernard puppies need to start training for obedience when the puppy is very young. This should included responsiveness to basic commands such as come, sit and heel, as well as walking politely on a leash.

People should also research about the expensive of feeding and caring for a full-grown Saint Bernard. Puppies are often less expensive than adults because they are smaller and do not need to eat as much. Some unethical breeders produce dogs with serious health problems, so owners need to be prepared for that if they rescue a puppy or buy from a bad breeder.

Saint Bernards are messy dogs. They shed a great deal and like to roll in mud and water. Many of them drool a large amount of saliva. However, they are also very social dogs and should be kept indoors with their owners.

Saint Bernards are also somewhat lazy dogs, but they are prone to heart and lung problems if not exercised regularly. Owners need to be proactive and plan to exercise their own dogs every day, whether that takes the form of walking, running or games such as fetch.

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