What Are Some Good Sources to Help With Insect Identification?


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Insectidentification.org and Insectid.ento.vt.edu are good sources to help with insect identification. The Insect Identification site offers a quick search tool of insects stored on its BugFinder database. Insect Identification Lab provides a step-by-step guide in identifying different insect species.

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InsectIdentification.org provides comprehensive information on different types of insects found in North America, including spiders, beetles, butterflies, bees and flies. Its rich database shows names and images of insects in alphabetical order and includes informative details about each insect species. The site also allows quick searches of insects through BugFinder, an online insect ID guide that allows searches of insects by primary and secondary color, number of legs and native location. It quickly searches the Insect Identification database and brings back results that match the input information.

Insect Identification Lab is an insect ID guide run by the Department of Entomology of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. It guides users in identifying household insects and mites and agricultural pests. The tool helps filter insects by appearance and also aids in classifying and determining the insects by group and order. The site uses simple black-and-white images of the insects for easier identification by the number of legs, antennae and other body parts. Insect ID Lab also provides useful information on insects, such as basic description, habitat, type of damage and control.

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