What Are Some Good Small Dog Costumes?


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Dress a small dog as a super hero, a spider, a lion, a hot dog or a unicorn. Other costumes for small dogs include a bat, a hamburger, a sushi roll or a cat.

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Many small dog costumes begin with a dog- or toddler-sized T-shirt. Dress a superhero with a toddler-sized super hero T-shirt and a cape. If a cape isn't readily available, make one from a second small T-shirt. Make a spider costume, or nearly any other insect costume, by attaching legs made of rolled paper or wire to a small decorated T-shirt. Turn a small dog into a Chia Pet for a night by gluing artificial plants to a small T-shirt.

Dress your small dog as an Ewok from Star Wars with a brown fabric hood secured with twine. Make a ghost costume by cutting eye and muzzle holes into a pillow case.

Create a Lego costume with a dog-sized box, tuna cans and paint. Cut one short end off a rectangular box to allow the box to sit on the dog's back. Glue six tuna cans to the top of the box to resemble a Lego brick. Paint the entire costume red, blue, green or yellow. Attach the costume by threading ribbon through holes in the box and tying it under the dog's belly.

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