What is a good size home for a border collie?


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Home larger than apartments are typically suitable for border collies, and the more space, the better. Border collies are extremely active working dogs that require physical and mental exercise daily. They are not recommended for apartment life because they need space to expend their energy.

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What is a good size home for a border collie?
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Homes with large fenced-in yards or farms with acreage on which they can explore and run are more conducive to meeting the needs of this active breed.

Border collies originated in England and Scotland, where they were bred to herd sheep and cattle. As a result, they are very sensitive to noise and movement and are not good choices for households with small children, who may trigger the herding instinct.

Border collies are also highly intelligent and require early socialization and training to gain confidence in a variety of settings. They thrive on agility training, fly ball, Frisbee and other active sports that let them channel their herding instincts.

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