What Is a Good Setup for a Crested Gecko?


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A good setup for a crested gecko consists of a suitable cage with a secure lid, a food dish, a water dish and plenty of places to hide. Most crested geckos thrive between 78 and 87 degrees Fahrenheit; depending on the temperature of a gecko's home, the habitat may require additional heating devices.

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A crested gecko needs to have sufficient room to exercise and explore. Hatchling crested geckos are comfortable in cages the size of a 10-gallon aquarium, while adults require cages that are about 20 gallons in size or larger. While aquariums make suitable cages, commercially produced reptile cages are also acceptable. Because crested geckos are arboreal lizards, their cages should be rather tall. A 20-gallon aquarium can be turned on its end to provide a taller cage; in such a situation, the lid becomes a door.

Crested geckos require numerous hiding places to feel secure. As they are nocturnal, they may not be visible often during the daytime. Plastic or live plants make good hiding places and provide the gecko with surfaces from which it can lick water. The gecko's hiding spots need not be elaborate or natural looking; paper egg-crate material or paper towel rolls work well for this purpose.

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