What Are Some Good Resources With Facts and Information About Sheep?


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Some good resources for information about sheep include Sheep101.Info, OneKind.org and LiveScience.com. Sheep101.Info features basic information about sheep that includes the various types, how sheep differ from goats, sheep intelligence and behavior, and an overview of sheep senses describing what they actually see and hear. The site also hosts information on what sheep eat, how to raise them, what predators prey on them and interesting facts about their history.

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Additionally, Sheep101.Info lists the various food and clothing products that come directly from sheep as well as the part they have played in science and medicine.

OneKind.Org offers a variety of interesting and unusual facts about sheep. For instance, sheep have excellent memories and can remember humans for years. Sheep can also recognize and display emotion using facial expressions and the position of their ears.

LiveScience.com features general information about sheep such as habitat, diet, offspring, conservation status and scientific classification. The types of sheep listed include Bighorn, Dall’s sheep and snow sheep. LiveScience.com also features interesting facts. For instance, the site notes that sheep are social, but only with their own gender, and males make-up their own herds, called bachelor herds. Additionally, LiveScience.com hosts helpful links to a wide variety of sources with editor recommendations.

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