What Are Some Good Resources for Adopting a Piglet?


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Dedicated agencies for piglet adoption, such as Pig Placement Network and Adoption Services, provide informative resources about adopting different types of piglets and pigs. The official site of the Humane Society of the United States also offers useful information about piglet adoption.

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The PPN provides helpful information about different types of potbellied pigs, including their inherent characteristics and temperament, as well as ways to take care of piglets and expectations as they grow up. The PPN is dedicated to rescuing and rehoming abused, abandoned and homeless pigs. PigPlacementNetwork.org discusses issues about pig adoption, such as the various reasons why many teacup piglet owners abandon their pets.

The PPN organization also provides interested adopters tips on taking care of pigs, including common questions on deworming, neutering or spaying, and the types of diseases pigs are prone to catch. The site also posts pictures and information of adoptable pigs currently in its care.

The Humane Society features a dedicated page for pigs that includes information about farm animal welfare, common misconceptions, the pig's relation to other animals, and surprising facts about piglets and adult pigs. The Humane Society's resource page also includes links that let online users learn more information about these intelligent animals.

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