What Is a Good Remedy for Hairballs in Cats?


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Feeding a cat canned pumpkin or small pieces of fruits and vegetables is a remedy for hairballs. Adding fish oil or vegetable oil to the cat's diet is helpful in treating hairballs as well.

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What Is a Good Remedy for Hairballs in Cats?
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The fiber in a teaspoon of canned pumpkin or a few pieces of apple, carrot or sweet potato administered to a cat once a day can help move hairballs through the cat's digestive system for excretion. It is best to check with a veterinarian before feeding the cat other fruits or vegetables because some are harmful or incompatible with a cat's digestive system. A small amount of fish oil or vegetable oil added to the cat's diet helps lubricate the digestive system so that any hairballs pass through more easily.

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