What Are Some Good Puppy Names for Girls?


Great names for a girl puppy include Abby, Bonnie, Duchess and Ruby. If a popular name is needed, names like Coco, Pandora and Sophie are good choices. Look for names in everyday items like food that could provide names like Cherry, Cookie or Pepper. Characteristics of the puppy can offer names such as Fluffy, Puddles or Tickles.

The right name for a girl puppy is important, but it should be short. One- or two-syllable names are best because dogs aren't hearing much more than this. Names like Zoey, Lady or Boo are suitable short names. Inspiration can come from literature and include biblical names, mythological names or literary characters; Hera, Ruth and Joe are examples.

The puppy's color can be a clue to a good name such as Brownie, Goldy or Honey. Owners often use affectionate terms for their pets, and choosing one of these in the beginning can work. Sweetie Pie, Sugar, Pumpkin or Lovey are excellent affectionate names. Favorite movie, cartoon or television characters are good choices for some owners, and these can include Juliet, Ariel, Jasmine, Belle or Anna.

Dogs that have names similar to commands they hear often can become confused. Names such as Shay or Meg can make teaching "stay" or "beg" more difficult.