What Is Some Good Polar Bear Information for Kids?

Polar bears live in the Arctic and are the largest meat-eating land animal. Polar bears eat mostly seals; they can smell a seal a mile away.

Male polar bears weigh up to 1,500 pounds and are 10 feet tall, while female bears weigh 650 pounds and are 7 feet tall. Their life span is 25 years. They have 42 teeth. Polar bears can move 25 miles per hour on land and 6 miles per hour in the water.

Polar bear fur is made up of hollow, clear tubes, and their skin is black; their fur looks white or yellow because it fur reflects light. The bears' fur traps the sun's heat and keeps them warm.

Polar bears paws have rough pads to keep them from slipping on the ice. When swimming, they steer with their back paws and paddle with their front ones. They can swim 100 miles without stopping.